Friday, November 14, 2008

Which School Will Pass the Obamas' Test? -

I think Michelle Rhee's daughters go to a DC public school. Surely the Obamas cannot be expected to throw their daughters into a poor academic environment (or, infinitely worse, a dangerous environment), but if there's a school good enough for the Chancellor's daughters, might that school also be worth considering? Imagine the message of support it would send to teachers, parents, and students in the DC public schools!

Sadly, this probably isn't an option. Real life isn't the West Wing, and there are too many risks and variables associated with gambling on a public school.

What a commentary on the sorry state of American education.

PS -- thanks to Amy for the correction re: number of Rhee's daughters.

Which School Will Pass the Obamas' Test? -

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Amy said...

Rhee's daughters do go to public school. I think this is a tough call for the Obamas. Do you provide your kids with the best education you can, or put them into an inferior school to show support for a system you believe in?

We went through the same problem in my household. I was accepted to an elite private school out of town, but my parents were conflicted about sending me there vs. keeping me in public schools because they believe public schools are the backbone of this country. I ended up throwing a fit (classy, I know) about not wanting to go to private school, so public school it was.

A tough call for the First Family. I hope they make the decision that is best for them, and I know there will be criticism either way.