Saturday, November 8, 2008

Rahm Emanuel: 'Do What You Got Elected to Do' -

More on the new COS. Rahmbo looks to be just the sort of pragmatic streetfighter the POTUS will need to get things done. Emanuel's advice: "Do what you got elected to do." I.e., don't get led down the rabbit hole of orthodox liberal policies.

Barney Frank wants to slash Defense spending by 25%. Charles Rangel wants to bring back the draft. John Conyers, who has called for slavery reparations, is also sympathetic to Europeans who want to indict Bush administration officials for war crimes. And Henry Waxman is angling for steep energy taxes to combat global warming.

Most of this stuff is poison. Sure, defense spending is way too bloated. But it's the democratic third rail -- touch it, you die. Bringing back the draft? Ideologically, it's a great idea. But unless you want to leave office in 2012, don't even think about it. Indicting Bush for war crimes? Bloodlust is fun and all, but don't get stuck in this orgy of recriminations. You were elected to change things. We've got bigger fish to fry. The Waxman thing, though -- that's worth some consideration. Global warming is going to take bold, decisive leadership.

The point is this: Emanuel knows the dangers here. He knows what can be done, and what will be political suicide. Having seen the mistakes of the Clinton WH in the early 90s, he's in a great position to steer the Obama WH away from similar screwups.

Rahm Emanuel: 'Do What You Got Elected to Do' -

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