Saturday, November 8, 2008

New choice for House Minority Leader?

The WSJ has an interesting article about Congressman Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., endorsing him for House Minority Leader (he would replace John Boehner, R-Ohio). Ryan, the Journal points out, has won re-election four times in a heavily Democratic part of Wisconsin (it went for Obama 53%-46%). Ryan is something of a principled free-market Conservative of the old school (i.e., Burke, not Bush). I think it would be a nice change to have an opposition voice that isn't wedded to partisan bromides (like Boehner is). Imagine the change in political discourse and the positive contributions to government that could be made by having someone intelligent and thoughtful contribute to the debate.

Of course, I've said that the Republicans shouldn't get a say in who Obama picks as his Chief of Staff; it follows that the Democrats shouldn't have a say in the GOP pick for Minority Leader. And the Majority Leader doesn't exactly follow this prescription for thoughtful debate.

It's also one of the jobs of the party leaders in the House and Senate to rally the troops behind the party. But the Majority / Minority Leaders are distinct from the Whip positions, and America has declared reather emphatically that it's ready for a different kind of politics. Maybe Ryan fits that bill.

Ryan for the Republicans -

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