Monday, October 27, 2008

Undecided voters

David Sedaris discusses those who are "undecided" with respect to the presidential election. He compares them to an airline passenger being offered a choice between chicken and a plate full of shit and broken glass for dinner, then asking how the chicken is cooked. I've been thinking similar thoughts about "undecided" voters. Seriously - why the hell haven't you made a choice? It can't possibly be that you don't have enough information. Perhaps you'd prefer to hear more attack ads? Jesus, pull the trigger already!
Undecided: The New Yorker

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Undecidedman said...

The way I heard the joke, the stewardess says to the passenger: “Sir, I know you ordered the chicken, but it turns out the chicken’s been stuffed with shit and broken glass. Would you like to switch to pasta?” “No I’ll stay with the chicken,” says the passenger, “I don’t really like pasta.”

It may be that this joke is stolen since it's the same one we undecided voters tell about David Sedaris. More in the post entitled "Opens and Closes" at