Friday, July 13, 2007

McCain's impolsion

John McCain's political woes have been well-documented. He's nearly broke, with just over $2m cash on hand. His top advisers have rather conspicuously jumped ship. And the race for the GOP nomination is currently being dominated by Rudy "Hey! Did I mention I was mayor of New York during 9/11?" Giuliani and Mitt "Keep it simple, stupid. Voters: This means you" Romney. Tangent: Romney is using Google AdWords, as are the other candidates I'm sure. Romney's tag line is something like "Security. Family. Inanity." When these pithy ads come up, click on them. That way, the candidate has to pay. And pay they should for such dribble. Lift up the discourse. You can't just throw out words. Have a position. It's not about your hair.
But of course, I digress. Back to McCain. He joked with reporters about the reason for his campaign's freefall:

“My position on immigration was obviously not helpful with the Republican base,” McCain conceded, laughing as if he recognized he was stating the obvious. “I think that my position on the war in Iraq is obviously at least not helpful with independents.”

Well, yeah. That's part of it. But the deeper reason is that you're a sellout, John. You made your career, you defined yourself as being a "maverick." You were going to beat Bush until Rove in South Carolina made that autodialing campaign about you having a "black baby." But instead of fighting back and calling him on it, you rolled over and then sprinted for the middle. Then, having found the middle, you continued for the far right. You sidled up to Bush. He kissed your head like he was the goddamned Pope. You spoke at Bob Jones University. Bob fucking Jones. Didn't you once attack the polemic right? You were correct back then. I respected you. Everyone respected you. But you've become the worst kind of opportunist. You've forfeited principle for access to Bush's donors and Robertson's mailing lists.
It's not about immigration. It's not about Iraq. You aren't the victim of circumstance. You aren't the victim of a fickle base. You're the victim of your own feckless politics. Shame on you, Senator.

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