Sunday, July 8, 2007

Decline and Fall of Dow Jones

A British news magazine has reported that the deal by which the Dow Jones company, owners and publishers of the Wall Street Journal, will be purchased by Rupert Murdoch, publishing's Montgomery Burns, is about to go through. Murdoch, of course, runs Fox News. Fox is the standard-bearer for neocons, religious fundamentalists, and right-wing ideologues in general. Now, Murdoch is about to take what previously was one of the most respected and respectable newspapers and use it to shill for Bush, et. al.

I'm reminded of a speech before the U.N. a few years ago. Trying to channel Adlai Stevenson in 1963, Bush and Rumsfeld send Colin Powell, the most widely-respected member of the administration, to make the case for invading Iraq. The utterly flimsy nature of the "evidence" they gave Powell to present came to light, and what Bush/Rumsfeld had done became clear. They'd raped Powell's good name and reputation to support their foolish war of choice.

How long, do you think, will it be before the Murdoch-run Journal is used for a similarly cynical purpose?

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