Saturday, July 7, 2007

Cheney not part of the Executive Branch? Go with it.

The Washington Post today has an article describing the dwindling of Cheney's power and influence in the West Wing. It's about time. The article mentions the embarrassment caused by Cheney's statement that he's not really part of the Executive Branch, on the count of he's really in charge of the Senate, where he has the power to break ties. So Cheney's power is kind of like throwing fire in Rock, Paper, Scissors: a very powerful move, but a one-and-done type thing. I think we should go with this. Let's boot the Dark Lord (and his puppet, too) from the Executive Branch. Let him break a tie in the Senate... Perhaps something on the order of whether or not to commend the Boy Scouts on their homophobic stance, or something symbolically repugnant but effectively harmless like that. Then, he can't exercise that power again. Let him hide away to his "undisclosed location" until November of 2008. Then, sweet Jesus, evict that crotchety bastard to make room for a Democrat.

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